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Are you looking for a flashlight sex toy for your enjoyment? Well, you seem to have appeared on the right boat as the new Mastomatic Automatic Flashlight Sex Toy is here to satisfy men, who are craving utmost physical contentment. With a dramatic upsurge of demand for flashlight masturbator, sextoyingujarat brings you new Mastomatic Automatic Flashlight Sex Toy, which is designed to give you the pleasure of blowjob anytime anywhere. Sounds interesting? In case buyers are tired of searching premium range of automatic male sex toys online, we guarantee this toy won’t disappoint our users.

Unlike replicating insertion into the vagina, Mastomatic Automatic Flashlight Sex Toy imitates the feeling of blowjob as if you’re pushing your cock into the mouth. Manufacturers have gone to the extent of replicating realistic feelings and the automatic piston movement makes it more life-like in reality. The exclusive design of the inner shaft perfectly strokes the penis just like a real-time blowjob. In addition, the speed adjustment feature makes it more convenient as one can adjust the intensity from time to time.

Whether you want to induce mutual masturbation with your partner or go single, this flashlight masturbator will be a perfect choice for every man out there. In case you are wondering about the material, manufacturers have used cyber skin, which replicates soft realistic touch making it an amazing product for masturbation. In case you are thinking to buy fleshlight India, you should take a look at all new Mastomatic Automatic Flashlight Sex Toy, and you should not miss our limited time offer on this flashlight masturbator.


  • Out of the box design
  • Intense pleasure
  • Enjoy realistic blowjob
  • Up-down stroking
  • Hands-free masturbation
  • Excellent grip
  • Safe for body & skin
  • No side effects
  • Made for intimate use
  • Easy maintenance


Product Category Fleshlight Masturbator
Country of origin USA
Item model number STGFM-013
Number of item inside the box 1
Color As shown in the picture
Material Cyber skin
Warranty No
Wireless Yes
Piston motion Yes
Speed Adjustable speed
Power Source AAA batteries


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