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Sex toy in Gujarat operates and owns respects your privacy. At sextoyingujarat, we are committed to ensuring complete protection of data of our clients, which we obtain, process, use, possess, disclose, record, store, receive and handle during purchasing of products from our website. Below is our privacy policy, explaining how we protect your data on our website. By accepting this privacy policy, you accept to agree with the policy. In case, you do not agree, you should refrain from using this website.

privacy policy

What is Covered in Privacy Policy? ​

The privacy policy discloses how we collect, use, share or disclose data through which links to this policy. The policies are subjected to be applicable on usage of our website. You may find various links on sextoyingujarat that will redirect you to other websites. Remember, we do not have any control over how they collect the personal information of the users on their websites, hence it is advised to go through the privacy & terms before using those websites.


The primary purpose of this privacy policy lies in explaining how sextoyingujarat may collect personal data of individuals, and how it might be used from time to time. It also reveals how we have taken optimum safety measures to offer top-notch cybersecurity for all the visitors to our website. Personal information indicates identical data such as your name, contact details, electronic location information, identification numbers etc.

privacy policy

Supporting Subheading

Data Collected and Managed​

If you wish to access our website without sharing any personal details, it is possible; however, visitors voluntarily provide some information, that are:

Personal Details

We can access personal data like name, contact details, address, email whenever someone fills up the contact us form using our website.

Logging Details

We can also access information like device, IP address, operating system of the device, demographics, browser information and type by using cookies on our server

User Details

We access user information when you report a problem while using our website.

Individual Information

We access your information when you submit any form on our website

Identical Data

We access user data when individuals enter contests sponsored by us.

Data Collected From Third Parties

If you wish to access our website without sharing any personal details, it is possible; however, visitors voluntarily provide some information, that are:

Data Collected When You Surf The Website​

Whenever you visit sextoyingujarat, we obtain a few information automatically. For example, your visits, usage patterns, IP address, logs, traffic information, location data and other information such as connection, device, browser and operating system also kept recorded. In addition, sextoyingujarat also collects a few information using cookies and similar tools.

Data Collected From Cookies

The cookies policies of sextoyingujarat use cookies to recognize your browser so that we can identify your device whenever you return to our website. For example, you place an order on our website, and the cookie will help to remember your choice that you have added that product to your cart. In this way, we try to understand user behaviour and preference to serve the visitors in a better way.

Personal Information​

that we collect

As a leading online retailer of adult erotic products, we are committed to offering a better user experience for visitors. At sextoyingujarat, we gather your data for maintenance, improved usability and uninterrupted user experience.

Your personal information may be collected for the following reasons:

  1. To come up with relevant content as per your personal preference.
  2. To use similar information to inform you about items or services that we offer.
  3. To dispatch items or to solve any issue related to the order.
  4. To ensure optimal security during the financial transaction on our server.
  5. For marketing, analytics, industry analysis, and other procedures.
  6. To understand user behaviour, like visited pages, surfing duration and other things for business purposes or to implement the rights between individuals and website.
  7. To inform about any change on the website.
  8. To make visitors engage in various interactive features.
  9. To reach you out for marketing purposes, in case you have subscribed to our newsletter.
  10. We may get in touch with you to inform you about promotional offers and special discounts according to your interests. You will never receive any spam or unlawful marketing email from We are fully committed to safeguard your rights and comply with the obligations under Information Technology Act (IT Act), 2000. In case, you place an order or opt for a service from our website, we are likely to permit selected third parties to use your information to deliver your orders or provide the services. The consent that you are granting can be withdrawn anytime just by clicking on the unsubscribe button. In addition, both the enterprise and the users must comply with the requirements of Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.
Disclosure of User Data​

In general, the privacy of our customers is vital, and we do not share personal information with anyone, however, in certain cases, some data needs to be disclosed for some recipients.

Legal Basis for Processing Data

In general, we only obtain data from the users where they have grant consent, or where personal data is required to get in touch with the person. In some cases, we have the right to obtain personal information from you.

In case you want to know more about the legal basis of gathering personal information, please get in touch with us by filling the contact us form.

Where We Store The Information?

All the information are safely stored on our database.

When We Share Your Information?

We do not share the personal information of our customers, however, there is one exception, when we are bound to share personal data, which might include yours. No matter what happens, we are bound to comply with legal obligations, instructions from government authority or court orders.

How Can I Access Personal Information?

In case you are curious and willing to know what information has been collected, you can simply reach us to ask for a copy of the data, which is commonly known as ‘subject access request’. Once we receive the request, we will get back to you within a maximum of 7 days.

Third-Party Websites

As mentioned before, this website is linked to third party websites, and the control of those websites is not in our hands. The privacy policy doesn’t apply to third-party websites, applications or services.

This website is not accountable for privacy & terms that apply to the third-party website.

Data Security

How all the user information is stored in our platform has been described in this policy. We are fully committed to offering optimal cybersecurity, and all the data obtained by us is kept safely with appropriate security measures. Moreover, we do not obtain personal information from individuals ageing under 18, and if we get orders from individuals under 18, we will cancel the order right away.


The privacy policy for the website is subjected to change if it is required. In case of any alteration to the privacy policy, you will be notified through notification. You will have the total right to either grant the consent or dismiss it. It is advised to check the privacy & terms once in a month or two to stay updated about any change.

In case you have additional queries related to personal data or any other information, feel free to get in touch with the privacy compliance officer or contact us by filling up the form available on the website.

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