Return Policy​

return policy

As a customer-centric online sex store, sextoyingujarat is fully committed to catering seamless experience to valued customers. We understand customers are the backbone of our business, hence we exchange items or accept returns to serve them in the best possible manner. 

Sextoyigujarat, the premium online sex toy shop from India offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case, buyers are not satisfied with the product, the return policy allows them to return the item or exchange the product within the very first 7 days from the date of delivery. 

In case you feel like exchanging a product after receiving it, feel free to get in touch with our customer support. The representatives will assist with the procedure. In order to offer a hassle-free shopping experience to the customers, we have simplified the policy of exchange and returns. 

We understand product return is essential sometimes, and there can be a lot of reasons. No matter what the problem is, we can send the original product again or exchange it with similar items if that’s the priority of the buyers.     

We Accept Returns Or Exchange

Return policy

When Product Is Damaged

We only accept product return if customers receive damaged products, or they receive different products that have not been ordered.

When The Seal Is Intact

Except for this, exchange is allowed on products where the original seal has remained intact.


Customers should reach us immediately in case of receiving wrong or non-working product, and we will try to ship the product right away. We understand electronic adult toys are subjected to malfunction, and if there is any fault from our side, we will replace it with a brand new product.  

Returning A Product

As mentioned before, we try to cater to our customers in the best possible way, and we have eliminated unnecessary steps to make product return absolutely hassle-free. Here are the steps one needs to follow in case of returning a shipment.

Step One

Reach out to us via inquiry form or customer care number, and share the order ID of your order

Step Two

Once our customer service team gets the request, they will get back to you to know the reason for returning.

Step Three

Representatives will process your request and our logistics partner will get in touch with you to collect the shipment.

Step Four

Once we receive the shipment, we will perform quality check. Upon passing the test, we will send a new product right away.

Cancellation Of Orders ​

It is completely natural to place orders mistakenly. Our return policy offers 12 hours of buffer time for individuals to cancel orders.  

Remember, we can’t be able to process your cancellation request if you don’t cancel it within the given time span, and you will be left with no choice except for accepting the shipment. 


We, at sextoyingujarat, are fully committed to offering optimal cybersecurity for buyers while shopping on sextoyingujarat. Our website is PCI compliant, and it has SSL certification too. In case online banking is your preferred mode of online transaction, make sure to opt for online banking to avail free shipping at your doorstep.   

Things To Remember

while returning a product

Sextoyingujarat is your one-stop sex store and we have taken every single measure for an exceptional shopping experience. Here are certain things to remember after your shipment is delivered to your location. The tips will help to return the product smoothly, in case of any issue.

1. Keep Original Seal Intact

No matter what happens, you should never break the original seal until you are assured that you have got the right product. Products with broken seals cannot be returned as the hygiene value becomes zero once individuals break the seal. 

As we are committed to offering a seamless customer experience, we cannot afford to compromise on hygiene, and you must remember products with broken seal won’t pass the quality check either. 

We understand your excitement, however, abiding by the instructions will help you get the replacement instantly without any nuisance.

2. Request Early For Returns

In case you need to replace an item, it is advised to get in touch as early as possible. We allow buyers to return the product within 7 days from the date of purchase, but if you fail to return within the first 7 days from the date of delivery, we won’t be able to take it back as it is against our return policy

3. A Little Secret To Save More

As a customer-centric online sex toy retailer in India, we must guide the customers accordingly. By opting for online payment on sextoyingujarat, visitors can save a little bit extra on their purchase. 

In online payment, buyers get free shipping whereas, in COD (cash on delivery), individuals have to spend a few extra bucks for the shipping cost. 

In case, security is the primary reason behind your worriedness, we must tell sextoyingujarat is a PCI compliant website, which means it has online payment security for the visitors.   

NOTE: Damage resulting from mishandling or improper use, intentionally or accidentally won’t be eligible for product return, and no such cases will be counted as valid case of customer grievances.   

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