Seduction Booster Big Artificial Vagina STGBSV-023



Keep your seduction level at heights with the help of this brand-new Seduction Booster Big Artificial Vagina. With a super realistic design, this erotic toy for men looks hot as it comes with lifelike private parts. This artificial vagina looks real and has a butt hole alongside that will now make men sweat out their passion like anything. Being made of pure silicone, Seduction Booster Big Artificial Vagina is soft, smooth, and quite safe on the skin. So, men willing to masturbate or stroke off can add this product to their bedroom. One can lube the vagina for a more satisfactory session and pump hard to the core. Seduction Booster Big Artificial Vagina is very compact and is available at a very competitive price online.

Material: Silicone

Colour: Skin

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